Welcome to the CapeWed web site. If you are looking to get married, no matter where, you have reached the right place. If you want to get married in Cape Town, we offer specialised services.

We are a group of Marriage Officers that feel the general public need to be able to design their own ceremony, its location and time. Most Church Ministers are Marriage Officers, however unless you are a member of the Congregation or have some sort of contact, you may be limited to a court or government building wedding.

Our offer to the public is to perform the wedding of your design and choice, in the location of your choice and at the time of your choice. This could be a wholly civil wedding, a semi religious wedding or a more traditional church wedding. We offer inter-denominational weddings as well.

Although we are called CapeWed, we can perform your wedding anywhere you like. Cape Town though, makes a very nice destination for a couple who are either, not looking for a big wedding, or can't afford a big wedding. Cape Town is perfect for a small intimate wedding (maybe on Table Mountain) or a big celebration at one of the many wine farms. Whatever your preference, our objective is to make your ceremony as memorable and special as possible.

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