Our primary service offering to potential clients is the provision of Marriage Officer services. This may be as part of a package to Cape Town, or merely the performance of a wedding ceremony at a venue and time of your choosing anywhere in Gauteng or anywhere in South Africa.

We offer wedding ceremonies that are entirely customised to your needs and dreams. It could be inter-denominational, religious, semi-religious or a totally non-religious service.

We are constantly investigating new options for couples looking to get married. You are no longer restricted to the conservative approach that has dominated for years. Your wedding ceremony can now be exactly as YOU want it (we would draw the line at sky diving naked though!).

We also offer wedding services to overseas couples looking to get married in South Africa. Contact us today to book your date and time so as not to be disappointed.


Many couples feel the need to renew their vows after a period of time. The most common is every 10 years or on the big anniversaries. We offer these couples the opportunity to renew their vows in a manner and place of their choosing. Vow Renewals are essentially a wedding without the legal requirements.

Same Sex Unions/marriages are now legal. We have an accredited Marriage Officer who can perform your ceremony for you. Contact us for more info on how to make your big day a reality. 

We also offer our services to families looking to perform a Christening or otherwise known as a Dedication. Contact us directly for costing.

We also offer our services to families looking to hold a Funeral or a Memorial service for a loved one, friend or colleague. Contact us directly for costing.